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Wexford County Council Piers & Harbours Swim Safety Notice

Wexford County Council wishes to advise members of the public of the hazards of swimming and or jumping off piers and harbours in the County.

Potential Hazards include but are not limited to;

  • Underwater obstructions
  • Moving boats
  • Propellers and backwash from vessels
  • Marine wildlife, seals etc
  • Deep and shallow water
  • Slippery and uneven surfaces
  • Tides and strong currents
  • Water quality unsuitable for bathing

Parents should ensure that children and minors are aware of these dangers.

Offenders may be liable to prosecution.

For further information contact the Harbour Offices Wexford (053 9122300), Kilmore Quay (053 9129955)or Environment Section Co Hall (053 9196313).

1st  May 2024

Piers and Harbours

Wexford County Council.

Slipway Safety from Irish Water Safety                                                                   Image result for irish water safety logo

When using slipways for launching and recovering boats then Irish Water Safety advice is to check the state of the tide and be aware that at low water springs you are likely to be driving on seaweed and algae. Purchase a glass hammer which is available in good motor factors for about €5 and always carry it in your vehicle. Always wear a buoyancy aid, don’t wear an automatically inflating life-jacket as it may hinder your departure from the vehicle. Wind down your windows when approaching the slipway, then if the car ends up in the water you can escape safely. We recommend that you only use a 4 wheel drive and ensure your vehicle is capable of towing the weight of your boat and trailer, this is particularly important with larger vessels. Every year cars end up in the water off slipways when launching boats. There are over 900 slipways around our coastline and many more on our rivers and lakes. It is important to seek local knowledge before you launch off a slipway that you are not familiar with as they are all different. Very often the driver does not realise the gradient of the slipway and the length of it and forget that there is air in their tyres which gives buoyancy to the vehicle. Trailers then slide off the end of slipways not allowing the vehicle to recover it.

If you are in distress in a submerged vehicle, follow this simple emergency evacuation plan below:

Don’t panic or use your mobile phone

Seatbelts – OFF OR CUT


Children out first and adults last

Don’t use your phone until you are in a place of refuge like the top of the car or other safe place.



Public Events in Wexford County Council Piers and Harbours.

Wexford County Council wishes to advise that public events being held in or on the water in any Wexford County Council Pier or Harbour must have prior approval to the event taking place. Further details can be obtained from the Harbour Office Wexford or by clicking on the link below.

Events Management Guide

12th April 2017.

Tel: 053 9122300


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